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Media oversimplified US abuse report findings [United States]

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An expert in abuse prevention strategies said the John Jay report examining the causes of clergy sexual abuse in the US was over-simplified by media reports, reports the Catholic News Service.

Texas-based researcher Monica Applewhite said she was surprised the report was characterised almost solely by what the New York Times dubbed the “blame Woodstock” theory, especially since that factor did not “jump out” at her after reading the 150-page report.

She said highlighting one cause – among multiple factors that were described – “is an extreme simplification of what the report actually says” and ends up oversimplifying “a complicated problem that requires a complex solution.”

“I would encourage people to read the report for themselves, or at least the four-page executive summary,” she added. (…)

The report by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York concluded that there is “no single identifiable ‘cause’ of sexually abusive behaviour toward minors” particularly during the 1960s and 1970s; that situational factors, opportunities to abuse, social upheaval of the time and lack of “careful preparation for a celibate life” for priests played a role.


From her perspective, the most significant gap for preventing abuse in the Catholic Church and other religious groups is the “lack of professional supervision for ministers.”



John Jay report not just about mistakes in 1960s, says sex abuse expert (Catholic News Service)

CathNews, 1 juni 2011

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