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ALP ready to debate gay marriage [Australia]

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LABOR supporters have been invited to make submissions on policy, including gay marriage, for debate at the national conference in December.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has launched a website calling on members and individuals to suggest changes to party policy up for debate.

Gay rights advocates have urged submissions be made in support of same-sex marriage, a hot topic at this year’s ALP national conference.


The call follows polling commissioned by the group earlier this week which showed 75 per cent of Australians believe same-sex marriage is inevitable.

It also comes a day after Labor stalwart senator John Faulkner delivered a scathing review of ALP culture, urging the Government to listen to its party membership.

“I think this is a good opportunity for the party to follow what Senator Faulkner has said and go back to listening to people within the party,” Mr Greenwich said.


Meanwhile Mr Greenwich says comments by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen that allowing same-sex marriage could lead to the acceptance of polygamy and incest are “alarmist” and unfounded.

In an article in the church’s newspaper, Southern Cross, Dr Jensen wrote that having same-sex unions enshrined in the Marriage Act was an “abuse” of the tradition and could pave the way for other changes.

Herald Sun, 11 juni 2011


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juni 12, 2011 bij 10:31 am

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