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Priests to stress the celibate life [India]

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Priests working in the east of the country have decided to formulate “healthy boundaries” so that they can lead a meaningful celibate life.

About 35 priests from 20 dioceses in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal reflected on a workshop entitled Response to Priestly Challenges Today with Reference to Celibate Life.

The June 7-10 workshop in Barasat, near Kolkata, suggested each diocese and region draw guidelines for priests.

The the Latin rite’s bishops’ conference is organizing similar workshops all over India.

Father G Arulraj, executive secretary of the conference’s commission for family, said the workshops aim to educate priests on cases of sexual abuse and pedophilia among the clergy that have been reported worldwide.

Father Johnny Nedungatt, the workshop organizer, noted that priests in parishes and schools interact with vulnerable people and there were cases of “boundary violations” with regard to sexual behavior.

“Priests have the primary responsibility to keep within boundaries even if the other person tries to seduce him,” the Salesian priest said citing various cases.

Father Nedungatt, who has counseled priests and nuns for the past 20 years, asked participants to view their celibacy as God’s gift and that they should use it to serve those in their care.

CathNews, 13 juni 2011


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